Friday, April 29, 2011

what would i do and who would i be if i woke up in an equal money system

So i saw a butt load of tag your it videos on youtube to answer the question on, " who would you be in an equal money system?" I would not be the person I am now, that is for sure. The person i am now is always thinking about money. If i all of a sudden woke up in a world where every human is equally supported by money than no one would starve or work themselves to death. Knowing that all of life would be equally supported by money in an equal money system would mean that the plants, animals, and the planet will be taken care of. Is it not man's responsibility to take care of this place we all as life share? Instead we abuse, destroy, and consume all of what the planet gives us in the name of money. Money is everyones problem, including the animals, plants, and the planet, because they all suffer because of our desire for money. Money will be the solution, but only in an equal money system can money be the solution because it only supports what is best for all. This is how i would be a totally different person in an equal money system because instead of supporting the abusive money system that day by day continuously destroys life, i would be someone that continuously supports in taking care of the planet and all life for us now and future generations.
Now what would i do if i woke up in an equal money system? I would obviously be happy because i know all would be experiencing this same happiness. We would all be millionaires and supported by one another, so i would express my happiness to others. We would all live in harmony, together as one, so there would be no fear of expression, only freedom of expression. I know that i would not be the only one experiencing this glorious day so i would go share it with others.
So tag your it!!!!!!!!!! if you read this than blog then blog about who you would be in an equal money system and what you would do and if you have been introduced to the equal money system then i suggest you check it out on

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