Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drug Wars and Drug Dealing will end in an Equal Money System!

A good amount of crimes are created because of drugs. It was estimated that more then 3,000 people have died in 2010 in Mexico from drug related incidents. The war on drugs has only increased in casualties and crimes. Arrests have went up forty one percent. How is the war on drugs helping at all when the crime climbs to almost fifty percent more? The war on drugs is influencing the production and distribution even more. The prison population has went up three hundred and sixty six percent. Why are we allowing this? Have we programmed ourselves to think that war is the answer for all problems when all it does is cause more devastation? How ignorant is that? It appears that the only reason why this is happening is because it is allowed, with an illusion(WAR) that it is not acceptable.

Penal institutions have went up one thousand percent. Since 2007 there have been around 32,000 deaths in relation to drugs. Two men were shot and burned from drug related violence.
In america fifteen million people have been arrested for marijuana possession costing one trillion dollars. We waste so much money and so much time solving nothing, when there are billions that starve everyday because they have no money.

In Colombia, the Governments main source of income is from cocaine which is allowed to be grown in some regions. But the people that sell it only make enough to pay their housing and supply expenses. They do it for MONEY, the only way they can survive in their twisted system. In an equal money system the fear of survival is removed. Drug distribution will end in an equal money system, simply because one does not need to sell drugs to make money because they already have money unconditionally. People will stop dieing over drugs like weed and cocaine in an equal money system because they will not need to sell it for profit. If you see what I'm saying and understand that there needs to be a change that is best for all and not just a change for the few then I suggest that you investigate equal money @ and if you want to know how we have blinded ourselves from reality so effectively then check out  

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