Monday, May 30, 2011

Gods Ego And Separation From All

I was always thought that god was in heaven, that he watched over all, and created everything here. I was told that he was almighty and had no beginning and had no end; that he created everything, the devil, earth, plants, people, the planets, water, etc. He is responsible for everything because he has created everything, and has created a divine plan that everyone and thing follows unconsciously. That we are to pray to him and ask for what we need and pray to him for forgiveness for we am born with sin by killing his son jesus.

Now if god where in heaven then why not create everything to be heavenly? Why not have everything in his image and likeness? Why would god not make everything perfect? If god was perfect then why would he create things for him to watch over? If god was almighty then would he create a devil? Why would god separate himself from that which he creates by staying in the highest part of heaven for no one to see? If god created all then why would he be considered almighty when the world is so fucked up, is it because he just labeled the creator, and does nothing for what he has created. It shows that all he does is create things and does not take responsibility for what he creates. If he created a divine plan then what would be the purpose of any of us living if we are destined with no control over what is here? Why pray to god when he does not answer, how do you know that you are forgiven, and what sense does it make to kill your own son for the rest of the worlds sins when god created sin?

God does not make all his creation heavenly because he wants to be the only one to experience almightiness. Everything is not in his image and likeness because he is on top and no one can be there with him so everyone else is on the bottom of god obeying as slaves to all of his commands. God is only perfect because everything else is his creation and enslaved to him because of their/it's imperfections that he created. God watches all to make sure that things don't fuck up his plan and make sure that all are acting according to their predestined robotic plan and continuing to be the only almighty one. God created the devil ;the devil challenge god's almightiness and wanted to be just as almighty. God stays in heaven alone because of his fear that all want to be godly or equal to him. God does not take responsibility for what is here on earth because he does not care because he is fine on top. He made the divine plan to ensure that we stay preprogrammed to believe that he is here for us when he his only here for himself. People pray out of fear of god and get no answers because you do not deserve one from the almighty god. You are forgiven because god has killed his very one son for you to automatically be forgiven and continue to be enslaved to his all forgivingness. A son of god would be gods most valuable thing that a god would present instead of himself, and to kill him for all to be forgiven implies that all are enslaved by gods trickery because you are born a sinner and we all need to be forgiven, what better way then to kill your son to have the mases follow you.

God has the biggest ego ever and no matter how big ego is its not real. For anyone to learn something they have to be taught, so why is god not here teaching? Many can argue that oh well the bible/BUYBULL is gods teachings; but really they are just a bunch of ancient BS knowledge made by people and does not take on whats here equally. The bible is only about god proving my point even more about god being the biggest ego.

Separates himself from what he creates because he is apparently better then all of what he creates. He stays on the top of existence claiming his almightiness and for all to fear this all loving and merciful master.

God has people live and suffer their whole life and then judges them when die because of the situation he put them in, none of this makes senses, religion makes no sense, and god makes no sense for we as humans create humans, dogs create dogs, plants create plants and planets create planets, I say that the universe has no beginning or end and that is the physical, the physical is god. we are the physical and we are creating whats here and we are responsible for whats here. Lets wake up from our delusions and BE REAL, as the physical.

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