Thursday, May 26, 2011

My dad on equal money

I was up till like twelve in the afternoon watching videos on YouTube and posting on Facebook. My dad had asked me what an equal money system was in a comment. He then started claiming that it would never work, and then all of a sudden my mom hopes in on the conversation and starts agreeing with my dad and i thought of that as weird because they broke up when I was two and haven't seen each other since and here they are agreeing against what needs to take place in this reality in order for there to be actual change. I went to sleep for like six hours tired of being double teamed it felt like. I wake up to more responses from my father and mom. So I try to clear things up for them to have a clearer understanding on what it is I am participating in by replying. It seemed to only have my dad try and refute equal money even more. It was like he was so glad of finally making it in this reality money-wise that he did not want to see that there are others that are in his starting position but worse that cannot become successful or that can do anything with their lives. Well I had left to go and get something to eat and was full so I had to walk it off so I was off the computer for about an hour or so. I came back and there were many comments which I began to read. My dad went from saying how it is communism, to who brainwashed us, to no one would work in an equal money system, to is my son in a cult.

The only reactions I had towards all this was laughter in all of the assumptions he professed which were obviously do to how he has brainwashed himself, by automatically assuming all of this. I thank the members of desteni for all of the support. Thank you all supporting me and my process and supporting an equal money system. Expose the abuse that tries to hide itself with it's many illusions of deceit.

I know that an equal money is what is best for all, others may not see it but that doesn't mean that it is not here. I will not stand for a system of abuse, I will stand for a system that supports all life equally. It is already here and it is us, the ones that support it to bring about change in this world for the world in the context of what is best for all life.

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