Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Relationship With Drawing

What got me into drawing was when I was in third grade and my mother would buy cartoon booklets for me from school. There was one character that I fell in love with and would trace none stop, and it was sonic the hedge hog. I would trace this character everyday and within a few months I learned how to draw him without tracing him anymore. Still to this day I can draw sonic without looking at a picture of him.

My friend had showed me how a cartoon that i was thought was better then sonic the hedge hog as soon as I saw it and it was dragon ball z. I started tracing those characters and thought, if I can draw sonic without tracing him then I can draw these DBZ characters without tracing them. So that was how I learned how to draw. I was obsessed with drawing DBZ characters and did it for years. I noticed that when I would draw in class kids would notice and talk to me, I have got a lot of friends from drawing, I would even look for kids that drew and I would try to become friends with them.

I started drawing people when I was in high school and went back to cartoons because it seemed to fit my style of drawing a lot more which was detailed. I started drawing peoples names all fancy to get money for myself because I never really had money while living with my mom. I then started drawing anime women for guys in my classes and just went back to doing it for myself.

I completely stopped when I turned seven teen because i was into drinking and drugs at that time which seemed like a replacement. I know I can still draw just as well as I did before but know that all I used it was separation and manipulation and that my starting point was because of me manipulating myself into wanting to that character sonic that I would read about. There are point that I need to forgive here and will.

If I ever go back to drawing then I it will be from the starting point of what is best for all instead what is best for me.

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