Friday, May 13, 2011

What About Those That Don't Want To Be Equal

I had this point come up the past few days with more then one person about, why don't people that you talk to about equality understand you or it? I asked myself this same question yesterday and came to the realization that it is for the same reason we are participating within equality. We want to face ourselves, and by that I mean seeing who we actually are; that is being vulnerable and exposed, but is that not what the physical is?, It is so easily abuse but at the same time it is ALL-WAYS here. We want to see all the abuse in the world and take self responsibility for all of what we've participated in as humanity. 

Who wants to see the real self honest self, who want to see that we are causing the world to die, who wants to vulnerable or exposed, who wants to see abuse and feel it as them knowing that if there is abuse in this world that it is caused by us, and who wants to take self responsibility for what is in this reality? No ONE but desteni. These are the reasons why people don't want to change. This is why people don't want to be one and equal because for once in there lives they will see the absolute truth and that is that we are all one and equal and that means if one person in this world is starving then we all starve because that person is part of the whole and is us.

Someone told me yesterday that it is inequality to not pay attention to abusers, but is it really. Have a look at what is implied here; support abusers. If I stand for all of life as one and equal to it then why would I support a destroyer of that? There is no point in that and will just cause abuse to continue. I am in the process of stopping all of my abuse, why would I support someone else's when I see all equal? If I see myself as equal to an abuser then I am an abuser, in the context of me existing as one and equal to all. If that person that is an abuser will not take self responsibility for the mess that we have created as a whole then others will, its that simple, the abuser disregards himself from being one and equal. It is all around us (the physical) and it is the only truth. It is who we are and if you do not take self responsibility for who you are then you simple die and go back to the source (earth/physical). 

The abuser gives up who he is and therefore leaves his problems to the physical. We as equals as the physical will stand for who ever falls! This is why desteni does not pay attention to abusers, because they will pick up the worlds shit and all of it.

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  1. When i was reading, i read shame instead of same. Honestly its due to shame. You're really thorough, really good work!