Sunday, June 5, 2011

Directive statements on alcohol

Alcohol is not acceptable and allowed; just because I see see others using alcohol does not mean I am to join, I am not to be influenced by anything separate from self including other, alcohol, or the. Mind

Just because alcohol is socially accepted does not mean I am to see alcohol as acceptable, alcohol should be banned socially and since it is not yet then I will ban it for myself, so I am ban alcohol.

I am not to be effected by alcohol in anyway, I am to be here as breath at all times so that whenever a point comes up relating to alcohol I will not stand for it or participate in the mind to convince myself that alcohol is allowed, it is clearly not and is abusive towards my physical.

I will not have participate with thoughts or opinions towards alcohol towards others because this would mean I am participating in the mind and This is no longer acceptable.

I will no longer involve myself with alcohol for I see it as abusive, I will no longer be around those that drink alcohol for they are responsible for their own actions as I am responsible for mine and mine will be from now on to not be with those that choose alcohol over life.

I will not take responsibility over others, that is not my responsibility, I am to take care of self and not others if they decide to abuse themselves with alcohol.

I will no longer be self irresponsible and drink alcohol and not know where I left my belongings because of me choosing to exist as the mind, I am here as breath and  if I loose something then I will be sober and know that that is the consequence of me choosing to exist as the mind.

I will not drink alcohol again, I have experienced it and know the consequences of alcohol, it is no excuse for me experimenting with it but from now on I will direct myself as breath and self forgiveness and self honesty to know that alcohol is not supportive towards me in any way, that the only thing that is supporting me is me.

I will not drink alcohol for the excuse that I have a high tolerance for alcohol, this is only me deceiving me by participating in the mind to try and drink again, and only causes me to drink more and more.

I will not drink again just because I noticed before in the past that I don't wake up with hangovers, this is more self deception and leads only to abuse in the future.

I will not drink when I see others doing it, this is me acting on separation and I will not allow outside forces to direct me, I direct me, I am the directive principle with in my process.

Alcohol does not bring more of my personality out, it causes my back chat to be in control of who I am, alcohol directs me when I consume it so I will no longer see it as acceptable because I am the one that directs me as breath, and self honesty.

I will no longer wake up hot or with a hangover because I will no longer drink alcohol because alcohol is no longer acceptable.

I will no longer waste my time on alcohol because it is abusive and does not support me as the physical, it only supports the mind as separation and abuse.

I will no longer suppress myself by drinking alcohol, I will take self responsibility for my life, I no longer need alcohol to keep what I need to responsibility suppressed, life is hard be it is who you are in those hard life and I am to decal with whatever comes up within my self honestly

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