Thursday, June 30, 2011

Working out and what ive used it for

The first time I ever worked out was when I was in 5th grade. My mom needed someone I to work out with her and it turned out to be me. All we did were sit ups, and 100 a day. This continued for about a year and I did it because my mom asked me to. 

I continued to work out even though my mom had stopped. I started doing push ups around 7th grade. The reason I started doing push ups is because I noticed that I got attention from girls because of the six pack I had from always doing sit ups. I loved how girls would like to touch my abs as it would only fuel my ego.  I would ask some girls to feel my abs as a way to try to make them think I was sexually attractive.
 So my whole starting point of working out had been from a point of getting attention from women.  I see that all I had did was support my ego by working out to look “attractive”. My ego is the mind and by me supporting it I am separating myself as life. Me using my abs to attract women is manipulation. I can see how me existing as the mind is abusive and is not something to support.

I had been smoking weed for three years straight and had no type of physical fitness. I turned out to become extremely lazy and only got up for food or to check the computer. My physical became really sluggish. I had taken poor care of it and it is now in somewhat of a poor condition. I had abused my physical because of my self interest and physical polarity play out by living as the mind by working out only to gain some satisfaction from women to later on become a lazy person who did not care about any type of physical interaction.

I have now been working out for four days in a row to support my physical human body to not stay in shape or fit to attract others but to do it from a starting point of self honesty that I realize that I have become none supportive in taking responsibility for my human physical body that supports me to be here.  If I am to work out it is to be for me, me supporting me, no other influence or deluded reason that is separate from self. 

I commit myself to 21 days of working out for me to support me.

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