Sunday, July 10, 2011

And God Created Destonians

Destonians show the true nature of things, like the true nature of god. How god allows abuse and suffering just so people can follow him and have some so called faith that one day god will save them. Realistically if god was true in fact then god put you there in that suffering or abuse, why is this not realized or considered? People ask him daily for ‘a way out’ of their misery they are experiencing and do not consider that if god were in fact real then he put them there. The reason god is not considered to allow suffering and abuse is because these people are in denial so they can justify the existence in some higher deity that created all. I do not accept and allow the existence of some higher being that created all in inequality, I don’t not accept and allow some higher form of power that separates itself from all claiming that it is somehow better then all, sound familiar?, like the elitists in this world and how they separate themselves from all and only listen to the man's problems/prayers and do nothing about man's concerns that bring about everlasting change for all. Sounds like god and the elitists are them same in image and likeness, and that we are just here to complain about the reality that they(god and governments) create.

Some would argue that this god placed you in this suffering for a reason and that suffering is needed to learn and grow and understand, but really what is to be seen here is that this suffering is caused by the money system that we all as sheep participate in and the suffering is not necessary if all can have equally. We are here and we are to take responsibility for what is here, we have created this fuck up and only we as a whole can clean it up by first cleaning ourselves, by throwing away beliefs that we there is some almighty being that has everything in control; there is not and as long as humans continue this ignorance than we as a whole will never move on, we will never change. We stop ourselves at desteni and we take responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed and all will eventually go through this process or all will fail as all as one as equal.

Destonians expose god for the abuse and torture that takes place in this fucked reality daily. This is the real and true nature of god. It has been here since the beginning of time (abuse, separation, suffering ect.) and yet people have yet to realize or see that ‘god’ allows all of this pain and suffering for thousands of years for people to experience. 

If you are lying to yourself even further and tell yourself that ‘well it is man that is causing this fuck up,’ well realize that god allows man to fuck with each other. That god lets man starve man in the name of money, that god allows man to fuck up the planet that man lives on, that god accepts man to abuse children and shape those children to become abusers as well.

God ironically created destonians to put his evil rain of terror to an end, we at desteni expose all for their abuse towards life, we expose all towards their abdication of self-responsibility, we expose those that dare not be self-honest, we as destonians expose those that allow suffering in the name of money so if there was a god that created this entire universe then god allows suffering in the name of money as well.

Those of us at desteni expose ourselves as well so don't think we exclude ourselves from this equation of abuse that goes on. We are putting a stop to our abusive behaviors and addictions and I suggest you do the same, otherwise life here will destroy itself which is us destroying ourselves because we are life. To stop this abuse is to stop the mind and its ego that we allow; to stop this abuse is to consider all equally so if there is an abuser in this world then that abuser is you, as all as one as equal. That abuser is a part of this reality we all live in so we are responsible for that abuser existing here WITH all of us so do not judge, do not separate, just take self responsibility and realize that this is who we all are and have the potential to be and if you existed as an abuser you simple know that it is a process to stop this abuse that one participates in and we will walk till the abusers abuse no more.

The reason why destonians expose those that allow this abuse is simple, because they expose the abuse that they accept and allow within themselves, and change it through self-corrective application. If we accept and allow abuse within ourselves as separation from self then we accept and allow this within the whole of man, as all as one as equal. Destonians stop themselves from the abuse that they cause towards others and towards themselves by facing themselves in self honestly in every moment daily. Destonians are not special, they just take responsibility for the mess that man has allowed for too long of a time.

If you see the common sense in what it is that I am saying then I suggest investigate desteni at and to put a stop to the abuse and separation of billions starving daily because there is not enough work or paper money for them to have then I suggest investigate equal money at and to end the delusion of the mind and put a stop to the neglect that man has accepted and allowed then face yourself and get a real education at, change yourself change the world, it is up to you. 

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