Friday, July 22, 2011

Today's possessions 7/21/11

I woke up (thought) “breathe.”  I did so for twenty minutes. (Thought) “Im freaking hungry, I should work out first.” Worked out and while working out my sister runs up to me and asks me to look at the game she was playing(thought)”fuck man leave me alone” (emotion) light anger because she was interrupting me. I than caught this and I continued breathing and told her that I am busy I will look when I’m done.

I then go on the computer (thought)” fuck twenty notifications, has to be from me suggesting friends to other friend.” (Thoughts) “Oh it’s not, what the fuck cool.” (Feeling) excited because of the thought I had from seeing the notifications. Immediately did self forgiveness on that as I saw that I was fucking myself as the mind.

Chilling on the computer (thought)”fuck I don’t feel like writing right now, so I’ll just read some blogs.” Read like at least four (thought)”fuck I still don’t want to write to my girlfriend but it’s getting late I have to or it won’t send out today.’’ Mom yelling in the back ground, James go get some smokes already (thought) fuck man I don’t want to you do it shit just because you don’t want to put that shit on over your head.” (Thought) ”well you have to wait anyways shit; I’m not till I finish writing to my girlfriend so I can send the letter and get the smokes at the same time.”

Finish the letter then leave to the store (thought)’’ fuck I hate this guy he better not ask for ID like he always does.” Drop the letter off (thought) “I hope she gets this on Saturday.” (Thought)”shut up; she gets it when she gets it.” Drive back and see a cop (thought) oh shit I hate cops.”(Thought) “Stupid just breathe it’s not like he is there for you stop being dumb and paranoid.”
Get back smoke a cigarette (thought) “fuck after this I have going to write self forgiveness; what are you saying and why are you resisting supporting yourself?”

I than start watching the kids.(thought)’’ man you guys are loud.” One of the kids hit the other.(thought) fuck man why are you guys so fucking aggressive?”(Thought) “Oh because you’re Arabian and your dad is aggressive with you guys.”

Well that was all of what I was aware of today, I will apply self forgiveness on all these points that I didn’t take responsibility for seeing each moment for what it was

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