Sunday, July 17, 2011

MY day today 7/16/11 part 1

(action) woke up today, (thought) start breathing. (action) breath for fifteen minutes. (thoughts that popped up while breathing) "i had a dream, what was it?" (thought) well dont think about your dream because you wont remember what happened in the whole thing then you can't see what is going on in your mind." continued breathing then sat up. (action) remembered the whole dream in one moment.

The Dream
well it started off with me running from something (thought) "this running is because of fear." i was wearing sandals, the same ones i have been wearing everyday for over a month. (thought) me wearing the sandals was a way of my mind trying to decieve me into thinking that this dream was real." so i continue running and thought inside of the dream,"why am i running so long and not getting tired?" when i told myself this in the dream the dream shifted from day time to night time.(thought) "the instantaneous shift from day to night in the dream was my minds defense in keeping me distracted from knowing i was in a dream or in my mind." i kept running and noticed the day to night shift and an obsicle came where i had to climb this fence( thought) "the fense was just another distraction from me discovering that i was in a dream." so i hopped over the fense and land into a club wearing sandals.(thought) "my mind controlling me through emotions to judge myself about wearing sandals in a club." so i look and the first person i see was a girl that i was suppose to go out with in high school, she stops talking to the guy she was talking to after she sees me after i jumped over the fense and she comes over to me ignoring the guy she was talking to before to talk to me while in sandals. (thought) "yet another attempt of my mind to keep me in this false reality that i accepted by trying to feed my ego for the girl blowing off the guy to talk to me not caring that i was in sandals." she kisses me (thought) " wow my mind was causeing feelings of joy and confidence by having this character in the dream kiss me to keep me from seeing that i was in a dream." so she suggests lets go sit down and drink and i agreed.(thought) more deciet to keep me entertained that this picture reality of a dream was real" i then go sit down with her and say THIS IS A DREAM. (thought) '' damn every time i had a dream i never realized it was a dream till i woke up or even if i did see that it was a dream i would just continue in it as if it were real." so i kept on saying THIS IS A DREAM over and over and over again and finallythe whole view of what i was seeing in the dream started glicthing, like all i saw were flashes of random pictures for a few moments and then went back to the original scene where i was sitting down with the girl. (thought)"the reason everything was all of a sudden flashing was because of the realization i had that i was in a dream so the way that the mind reacted with the flashes was because i caught on to its illusion and it went haywire, and why it went back to the original scene was because my mind could trick me no more.'' at this i started being able to feel myself physically in the dream while sitting, the i started feeling really sick and just really shitty physically.(thought)"this sickness feeling had to be my minds way of trying to keep me from not moving and trying to leave or be in control of the dream." so i got up and left and kept saying this is a dream while having this sick physical feeling and as soon as i opened the door and walked out of the scene that my mind wanted me in i woke up which never happened and went back to sleep instantly with no dream.
(thought) " damn that was so cool i want to do this every time i dream now, but i think this is happening because of me breathing before i go to sleep so i am here before sleep and then i try to escape my dreams or leave them because i know they arent real. well that was my interesting dream today thanks for reading.

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