Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why I Stop The Mind

From the beginning of time mankind has been anything but kind. We have taken over lands through bloodshed and mass murdering of populations. Now I was taught in school that America was brought about by Christopher Columbus coming over here to spread freedom of religion. To do so he killed countless natives and I saw nothing wrong with this. While in school I did not question what was being taught because I saw this as acceptable. But is it really, killing a shitload of people for freedom of beliefs. So we disregard others way of living to live our own through killing. What bullshit this is to kill others because they don’t THINK like you. This is what we just accept blindly, not considering anything else but our beliefs that are not real in the first place. What was real was that a lot of people died due to these beliefs so to live our beliefs there has to be some type of sacrifice of others lives or life period.

Sounds familiar too, within how we believe that profit is what is best for all when people die because of this belief by not being as effective as others in generating profit. For the mind to live as it’s made up beliefs it has to kill those that can’t participate within the belief. That is ego, thinking that one way is better than the other when really there is no better way than the way that is required for all to live which is equality and oneness. How, well within equality and oneness there is no belief, there is just actual necessary common sense towards what is required to live. Within oneness and equality there is no mind because the mind only considers what it believes and within oneness and equality all are considered, all are equal and all are one so there is no separation as the mind as beliefs.

We as man as the mind claim that this is mine, this land is mine, this house is mine, this girl is mine, these resources are mine, mine, mine, mind; these possessions are mine, so in doing so we possess ourselves with these possessions. This is separation, this is the mind and this is what the mind only considers, is itself, so within the mind oneness and equality cannot exist because it is all about itself and what it believes and what it wants and what the mind possess’ itself with.

This is why those of us at desteni stop the mind because there is no way one can stand within the principle of oneness and equality because the mind will not consider all as one and equal but will see all as separate and as divided.

 Man-kind (man support) is anything but kind because man lives as the mind so we are man-mind (man abuse) instead of mankind further proving that we are living as the total opposite of who we are (separation/inequality). You either consider self and only self as the mind as inequality and separation, or you consider all and everything as you as equality and oneness. Considering all and everything as you is oneness and equality, and considering only self as separation of all is the mind as ego.

The mind is here as a separate reality as opinions, beliefs, and thoughts that are in no way real like the physical reality, we are all in our bodies, our bodies are what keep us here in this reality so that is who we really are which is our bodies which is the physical. The mind only abuses the physical and abuses as diseases are mainly caused by the thoughts of people. So thoughts as the mind does not support the physical reality that we are, so lets live as who we are which is the physical because the physical is the only thing that can support the physical. As history is proof enough to show that the mind only abuses the physical reality through force and brutality and if the mind is in separation from the physical reality than it is only commonsense that it will not consider the physical reality and just consume the shit out of it till there is no more to consume/take. By destroying this world we will be destroying ourselves, so lets stop this self destruction and live as self correction till self perfection. Thanks for reading. If you understand what I mean then look up the desteni I process to see how there is a solution for the mind and its abuse. Lates, equality for all we see.

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