Sunday, December 18, 2011

Prayers Are Wishes That Never Come True

When I hear the word pray I see the word wish, because this is what i am defining the word as so to speak.

I use to believe in a god, that there was someone who watched all of what we did, i believed that he control all of existence and that he created all of existence and i use to pray to this god because i felt like i was being grateful to the being that created me and felt like praying was some how me taking responsibility for having a relationship with god.

Now that i see no reason for a god to even exists and realize there is no god that watches all of what we do as there is just extensive abuse allowed on this planet i - i see prayer as just making wishes, which will never come true unless the one making the wish make it a reality.

Now if you going to wish for things it obviously implies that you do not have, or have enough. The only way for a wish to come true is for one to actually physically get up and create it.

When i hear the word wish, i have it defined as asking for something one does not have and expect it to magically appear in whatever period of time. Now we know that this has nothing to do with this physical reality we live in yet we pray as if we will magically have shit fixed for us. Looking at this i see wishing or prayer as a form of self abdication, i cant do this for myself so i need god to do it or i need the power of the universe to magically correct all of what i dont have access to.

How is prayer like wishing? Because it doesnt work, or at least one cannot prove that it works - if one 'feels' good just because they have prayed that doesnt mean it worked, the wish or prayer has to come true so since that cant be proved a prayer is just basically wishing and imagining and creating more of a relationship with the mind as polarity. Its not like you get an answer back from god confirming that your prayer will come true, so it is a wish.

WISH: to want; desire; long for (usually followed by an infinitive or a clause) - that is what prayer is, a want or a craving because of lack. 

Now lets get real for a second and pretend wishes and prayers dont work.... In order for this world to an order that is best for all WE need to fix this shit ourselves, no god wish or prayer can or will ever change this world as a whole and that is proven by our great reality friend called time. How long has prayer wishes and god existed and nothing but destruction and abuse and suffering has to show for it, if we dont take responsibility for all life here as equal as one than we have what we have now, people wishing and praying to fix the fuck up we created; it simple to see that we are just letting the problem get worse and if this continues we wont so time to wake the fuck up, stop wishing stop praying and lets get up can answer our own prayers, lets answer our own wishes.

Wishes dont change us, we change ourselves, through are actions, through our choices, through our participation and there are consequences for all of what we do. If we expect wishes and prayers to fix us than the consequence of that is endless insanity and continuous neglect of those that actually require shit to live.

In an equalmoney system, no one will pray, no one will wish because all have the best everything thus no want or desire can exist because they dont exist ;P 

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